Saturday, July 21, 2012

RAGBRAI Heels Update

I am going to do it.  With the help of my husband and one of my teammates I will be wearing heels for one day on RAGBRAI.  They are packed in my bag and in about 3 hours they will be on there way to Sioux Center Iowa to be part of the largest bicycle touring ride in the world.  471 miles and 48 of those miles you find these shoes on my feet.
Since the cage on my pedals are going to be hard on my heels I had to find a pair of heels that would not only work on my pedals but not cost me too much.  I found this Michael Antonio Pump for only $20.  This pump has a 4 1/2 inch heel with a 3/4 inch hidden platform.   A very sexy looking heel at a very economical price.
I will be wearing these pumps on day 6 of RAGBRAI riding from Cedar Rapids to Anamosa.  This is the shortest day and the reason I picked this day to wear these pumps.  You might even see them at the SuperSize Seven concert Friday night in Anamosa.

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