Wednesday, June 20, 2012

High Heel, Platform, & Spikes

What a great pump, the Cali by Wild Pair!
I fell in love with these shoes when I first found them.  Or maybe I should tell you that one of my favorite bloggers found these first and I just found a website where I could buy them.  Kelly Saks who writes Kelly's Kloset made the the original find and I must thank her.  I actually fell in love with her complete outfit but right now it is about the shoes.  I found these shoes at and had to order them right away.

My shoes finally came and I was not disappointed, they were exactly what I had expected.  The sky high heel is 5 3/4 inches high which I absolutely love.
And with a 2 inch platform this open toe pump is a breeze to walk in and are so comfortable.  I can't wait until I get a chance to wears the shoes for a night out, I think maybe this weekend will call for a night out. has many fantastic shoes to choose from.  They carry the Wild Pair line which I have fallen in love with, don't be surprised if I write about more shoes by Wild Pair.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Super Summer Wedge

I found this great new Designer Kelsi Dagger.  She has fresh and exciting new styles.  I recently purchased the Ricky Sandal
This is a great looking sandal and very comfortable to wear.  And of course it has a nice high heel which I love.  It has a 4 3/4 inch heel witth a 3/4 inch platform giving you that great heel height in a shoe that easy to walk in.
And it comes in 5 great colors.  Beige, Kelly Green, Royal Blue, Fuchsia, and Black are the colors allowing you to match about any outfit.  So run out and get these wedges and then head out to the beach or pool or any of your cool summer hangouts.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Power Shoe

These shoes are great for work.
This classy open toe pump is perfect for work.  Worn with skirt suit and blouse this pump gives you that professional look needed.  The 4 1/2 inch heel height gives you added height to give you a look of power and yet maintain your sexuality.

"The Highest Heel Audrey Open Toe Pump" comes in two colors, Red/White Patent and Black/White Patent.
I have this shoe in both colors and love them.  The construction is very sturdy and it is a comfortable heel to wear and easy to walk in.  The perfect shoe for work to give you the business look and still maintain your sex appeal.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hot Shoe for a Hot Night Out

Saturday was dancing at Denny Arthur's.  I went out ready for a night of fun wearing an above the knee length pencil skirt, lace trimmed camisole top, and my Hottie Heels.  The 5 inch heel on this hot pump really shows off my legs, and gives me that wiggle that has every pair of eyes watching me as I strut in.

This Hot Pump is from "The Highest Heel" comes in 7 different colors: Red Patent (the pair I wore), Black Patent, Black Velvet, Fuchsia/Yellow Heel Patent, Turquoise/Fuchsia Heel Patent, Yellow/ Fuchsia Heel Patent, and the newest color Beige Patent.
The two toned heels are fun, I have them in Fuchsia and I think I may order them in yellow soon.
I also have this heel in Black Velvet and love that shoe for a more formal setting.

After a while on the dance floor I did have to change my shoe, as much as I love my heels a night of dancing in these heels does get to a girl.  I try to always carry a pair of my Dr. Scholl's "Fast Flats" when I go dancing.
These allow me to dance the night away!!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Pleasing Pleaser Open Toe Pupms

You see this shoe in my profile so maybe I should tell you about them.

This is the Pleaser Domina Open Toe Pump.  The description on these shoes will tell you that they have a 6 inch heel but that is a little misleading.  Every shoe manufacturer takes the heel height measurement differently.  some measure from the back of the shoe some measure at the center of the heel attaches to the shoe.  The Pleaser Domina series are all listed as 6 inch heels but they are the same heel height as a shoe I told you about earlier, Bitchin by "The Highest Heel"

I love the Domina Open Toe Pump,  it is a very easy pump to wear.  It is  sturdy and easy to walk in, and if you are not used to sky high heels this is a great shoe to learn walking in super high heels.  It is comfortable to wear, but I would not suggest wearing them if you need to stand for 8 hours, no shoe of this heel height is good for that.

Another plus for this shoe is that it comes in extended sizes.  That is good for me since I have a hard time finding shoes that fit because of my above average height and shoe size (still not telling).  In fact this shoe comes in sizes that are so extended (sizes 5 to 14) that just about anyone who wants to wear a high heel shoe can find their size.

The biggest down side to these shoes is that they only come in one color, Black Patent.  I wish they had more color options, I know I would love to see these in a red (my favorite shoe color) and other colors.

When you order these shoes they tend to run a little small so you may want to step up a size.  They are made of man made materials and so do not stretch much.

Keeping everything in mind this is a nice shoe for the price and they seem to last a long time.  Enjoy, I have.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


I'm sorry Terry but I think these are going to be my RAGBRAI Heels, a pair of Keen cycling sandals.

I was dared by a friend to wear a pair of high heels one day while riding on RAGBRAI.  I have been trying to figure out a way to do that but I just don't think I can.  471 miles in 7 days is hard enough but to do one of those days in high heels is a whole different trick.  I have not totally given up on this idea but don't be too shocked when I end up in the above pair of Keen's for the whole 7 days.

I did find one shoe that had promise(Pour La Victoire Kerr Pumps), but the $275 price tag turned me away.  I could't see paying that for a pair of heels to wear one time to settle a dare (and I think my husband would shoot me).  With the tread on the bottom of these shoes they might not be bad winter heels here in Iowa.

I still have another plan I am working on.  I need to get a new set of pedals for my bike.

And then this pair of wedges.
I just might be able to pull this off(Ollio Women's Wedge Platform High Heels Strap Sandals)
.  If the pedal cage will open wide enough to accommodate the platform on this wedge I can do it.  Terry I hope this satisfies your dare, a pair of normal high heel pumps just don't work on bicycle pedals.

Keep watching I will let you know what happens.  If I do this it will be on day 6 of RAGBRAI July 27th,  riding from Cedar Rapids to Anamosa.  Only 42.2 miles and 2200 feet of climb, an easy day which I will need if I ride in these shoes.  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Super Sandal, Super Price

The "Jupiter Platform Sandal" is the perfect summer sandal.  If has a 5 1/2 inch chunky heel with a 1 1/2 inch platform making this a very sturdy high heel to walk in.
It comes in 7 great colors: Berry, Tan, Black, Silver, Purple/Pink, Leopard, and Black/.  I purchased the Berry, Tan, and Silver

The super high chunky heel with the platform gives you that sky high heel in a shoe that looks great, is sturdy for easy walking, and very comfortable.

Now the best news of all, it is only $19.99 at Payless Shoes.  I also have to admit that I did not make this find. A favorite blogger of mine found this deal.  Electric Blogarella is the one who originally found this super purchase.

My Heels

I should have started out with a little bit about me so as they say better late than never.
I am above average height (5' 10') and so that means that I also wear an above average shoe size (not telling everything).  I think that having a larger shoe size allows me to wear higher heels more comfortably than some other girls.  I felt I should share this because I have seen reviews on shoes that I own, and feel very comfortable with,  saying they are impossible to walk in.  My husband is also above average height (6' 4") so he likes to see me in 4 and 5 inch heels.  Most of the heels I will talk about are 4 inch and higher.  Because of my above average shoe size when I put on a pair of 3 inch heels I feel like I am in flats.  That doesn't stop me from wearing 3 inch heels ( I have many pairs of 3 inch heels that I absolutely love) but this blog is about my High Heels.

Sexy Sandal

I love this Sandal!!!  I have several pairs of Shoes from "The Highest Heel" I find them exciting shoes to wear.  This sandal called "Bitchin" and has a 5 1/4" heel and towers above most high heel sandals.

Although I find this sandal easy to walk in and comfortable to wear especially for a heel of this height, it may not be for everyone.  I would not suggest this to someone who is not accustomed to wearing heels this high.  You might start with a pump with heels this high to have a little more support as you get used to walking in a shoe with a 5 1/4" stiletto heel.

Bitchin comes in two colors, Red and Black.  Red is my favorite but I do also have this shoe in black.

This is a very versatile shoe.  You can wear it with shorts or jeans and a casual top or dress it up with a skirt and sexy top for a night out on the town.  The heel height gives your legs that long lean look which I just love.

If you love sky high heels and I do, give Bitchin a try, you will love them also.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

These Shoes Weren't Made for Walking

Everyone who knows me knows that I love my high heels, the higher the better.  I recently saw a pair of shoes that I could not resist buying with a heel that screamed wear me.  I should have suspected something by the name of the shoe "Devious Scream 12".

When my shoes arrived I couldn't wait to get them out of the box and try them on.  I had never owned a pair of heels I could not walk in and I wasn't going to let a pair of shoes get the better of me now.  I pulled the first shoe out of the box and looked at it.  I went to slide my foot in and after a lot of wiggling, cramping, and stuffing I got the shoe on my foot.  Ditto for the other shoe.  After getting both shoes on I stood up and just about fell on my face but I caught myself and was able to stand wobbling for a few seconds before sitting back down.  Not to be beaten by a pair of shoes I stood again and this time I was able to walk very shakily to another chair about 4 feet from the one I just left and promptly sat down again.  I found a pair of heels that I was not able to comfortably walk in.

I put the shoes in the back of my closet and about every 6 months I get them out and put them on, they do look great but these shoes are not made for walking.