Thursday, August 30, 2012

High Heels, Low Prices

I love a great pair of pumps and if you know me I also love a bargain.  I found Breckelle's Angie platform pump on Amazon at bargain prices.  This round toe platform pump has a 5 1/2 inch heel and a 1 1/4 inch platform.  The synthetic suede shoe comes in 7 colors so you can find a shoe for any outfit.  The cushioned insole makes this shoe very comfortable to walk in and it has a non-skid sole to help make sure you stay upright.  And the price was great, $18.50 to $30 de

I am also a college football fan, at least until it gets too cold for me.  I started out with the yellow pump because I needed a shoe that would go with my game day outfit.  It also comes in Aqua, Black, Blush, Honeysuckle, Hot Pink, and Leopard.

I loved the yellow so much I just ordered these in Hot Pink.  I am having fun with these shoes I hope you can enjoy them also.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Falling Temps and Rising Heels

I don't normally look forward to falling temperatures but this year I am (but I reserve the right to change my mind when temps and wind chills are below zero).  So with the coming cooler temps it is time to look at boots.  I found this great pair of Michael Antonio boots that I fell in love with.  I needed a pair of red knee high boots and these Michael Antonio boots from were just what I was looking for.

The studded straps with antique bronze buckles give these synthetic suede boots a touch of class.  The 5 inch heel with a 1 1/2 inch platform give them sky heel look in a boot that is very comfortable and easy to walk in.  They are going to look great at fall football games.  Amazon.Com also has these boots in Black and Tan.

I also found these boots for a little better price at 6 but they only had them in black.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Stone Studded and Wild

I think I have a new favorite shoe maker and I have to thank one of my favorite bloggers that.  Kelly Saks turned me on to my first pair of Wild Pair Heels and I loved them so much I have gone back for more.

The Harley by Wild Pair was just the shoe I needed.  I was looking for a fun pair of heels for a special occasion and these were perfect for what I was looking for.  This open toe pump has an ankle strap and a 5 1/4 inch heel, a height which I love.  It has a 1 3/4 inch platform which makes it a comfortable heel to walk in for such a high heel height.  I bought it in multi-color to go with the wild mood I was in when making this purchase.

This Stone Studded heel also comes in Taupe which I felt a need to order after receiving my first pair.

You can also get it in blue.

So many choices in a very fun shoe, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Friday, August 10, 2012

RAGBRAI Heels Finished

I did it, 56 miserable miles in these heels.  Uphill and into the wind all day from Cedar Rapids to Anamosa.  I thought I was picking an easy RAGBRAI day to wear heels but boy was I wrong.  I couldn't wait to get out of these heels when I was done riding for the day.  At one point towards the end of the day I contemplated pitching the heels and riding the last 15 miles barefoot which might have been the better option.  I took the challenge and picked the day I would wear high heels while biking across Iowa so I feel good that I finished the day in my heels.  Probably the last day I will ever wear heels while riding RAGBRAI.  

At least that is what I am saying now.  Next January when next years route is posted and I have forgotten all of the bad things that happened this year I may feel differently.  When I have forgotten about the days the temp on the rode hit 114 degrees riding into the wind, the hills and wind going into Anamosa.  I will remember the homemade pie and ice cream at so many churches along the route.  Mr. Pork Chop waiting to serve me my daily dose of protein.  Brinkman's Homemade Ice Cream towards the end of each day.  Those delicious fruit smoothies scattered along the ride.  And you can't forget the people young and old all along the  route from around the globe that I had a chance to chat with.  The memories of heat, hills, and wind are already fading as I remember all of the wonderful things that happened to me on that glorious week riding across Iowa.

Watch out RAGBRAI XVI, Kelli is getting ready for you!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Shoes and Much More

As you know I love my high heels and love telling you about them.  There is more to fashion than high heels and I want to tell you about a new site that I have fallen in love with. is a fantastic fashion site that will help you find your favorite style or maybe give you ideas for that new look that you have been searching for.  Great looks for Guys and Gals.

Go to and enjoy.  I think you will like it.