Friday, June 8, 2012

Pleasing Pleaser Open Toe Pupms

You see this shoe in my profile so maybe I should tell you about them.

This is the Pleaser Domina Open Toe Pump.  The description on these shoes will tell you that they have a 6 inch heel but that is a little misleading.  Every shoe manufacturer takes the heel height measurement differently.  some measure from the back of the shoe some measure at the center of the heel attaches to the shoe.  The Pleaser Domina series are all listed as 6 inch heels but they are the same heel height as a shoe I told you about earlier, Bitchin by "The Highest Heel"

I love the Domina Open Toe Pump,  it is a very easy pump to wear.  It is  sturdy and easy to walk in, and if you are not used to sky high heels this is a great shoe to learn walking in super high heels.  It is comfortable to wear, but I would not suggest wearing them if you need to stand for 8 hours, no shoe of this heel height is good for that.

Another plus for this shoe is that it comes in extended sizes.  That is good for me since I have a hard time finding shoes that fit because of my above average height and shoe size (still not telling).  In fact this shoe comes in sizes that are so extended (sizes 5 to 14) that just about anyone who wants to wear a high heel shoe can find their size.

The biggest down side to these shoes is that they only come in one color, Black Patent.  I wish they had more color options, I know I would love to see these in a red (my favorite shoe color) and other colors.

When you order these shoes they tend to run a little small so you may want to step up a size.  They are made of man made materials and so do not stretch much.

Keeping everything in mind this is a nice shoe for the price and they seem to last a long time.  Enjoy, I have.

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