Monday, June 11, 2012

Hot Shoe for a Hot Night Out

Saturday was dancing at Denny Arthur's.  I went out ready for a night of fun wearing an above the knee length pencil skirt, lace trimmed camisole top, and my Hottie Heels.  The 5 inch heel on this hot pump really shows off my legs, and gives me that wiggle that has every pair of eyes watching me as I strut in.

This Hot Pump is from "The Highest Heel" comes in 7 different colors: Red Patent (the pair I wore), Black Patent, Black Velvet, Fuchsia/Yellow Heel Patent, Turquoise/Fuchsia Heel Patent, Yellow/ Fuchsia Heel Patent, and the newest color Beige Patent.
The two toned heels are fun, I have them in Fuchsia and I think I may order them in yellow soon.
I also have this heel in Black Velvet and love that shoe for a more formal setting.

After a while on the dance floor I did have to change my shoe, as much as I love my heels a night of dancing in these heels does get to a girl.  I try to always carry a pair of my Dr. Scholl's "Fast Flats" when I go dancing.
These allow me to dance the night away!!!

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