Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Heels

I should have started out with a little bit about me so as they say better late than never.
I am above average height (5' 10') and so that means that I also wear an above average shoe size (not telling everything).  I think that having a larger shoe size allows me to wear higher heels more comfortably than some other girls.  I felt I should share this because I have seen reviews on shoes that I own, and feel very comfortable with,  saying they are impossible to walk in.  My husband is also above average height (6' 4") so he likes to see me in 4 and 5 inch heels.  Most of the heels I will talk about are 4 inch and higher.  Because of my above average shoe size when I put on a pair of 3 inch heels I feel like I am in flats.  That doesn't stop me from wearing 3 inch heels ( I have many pairs of 3 inch heels that I absolutely love) but this blog is about my High Heels.

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